The 2020 University Life Student Success Symposium will offer in-depth presentations focused on innovative practices, national trends and research, best practices, and future directions in student service delivery.  How do we flexibly respond to the changing needs of our students as enrollments increase and student demographics continue to shift? Participants will engage in important, in-depth discussion focused on increasing and supporting student success.

Through participation in the University Life Student Success Symposium, attendees will:

(1) Discover practices that support and foster student engagement and student learning - Engage Students;

(2) Explore practices that contribute to an inclusive thriving community - Inclusive Thriving Community;

(3) Identify practices that have a positive impact on student retention and timely degree completion - Strategic Support Services;

(4) Discover practices that contribute to well-being and post-graduation success - Strategic Support Services;

(5) Identify practices that result in high levels of service and support for students and their families - Strategic Support Services;

(6) Enhance personal and professional well-being - Professional and Personal Development;

(7) Engage and connect with colleagues - Professional and Personal Development;

(8) Enhance career and leadership development - Professional and Personal Development