Call for Programs

To submit a program proposal, please complete the online proposal form:

UL Student Success Symposium Call for Programs
Presentation Guidelines

The University Life Symposium Planning Team invites all Mason faculty, staff, and students to submit program proposals for the upcoming 2023 University Life (UL) Student Success Symposium on Tuesday, June 6, 2023 and UL Student Success Symposium Pre-Conference on Monday, June 5, 2023. UL Symposium program overview and learning outcomes can be found at .

Program proposals are due no later than Monday, April 24th, by 9:00am.
Presenters will be notified by Wednesday, April 26th, 2023, of their program status.

UL Symposium Program Proposal Guidelines

To ensure your proposal is in alignment with UL Symposium program goals and learning outcomes, you are asked to consider the following in framing your proposal submission.

  • Pose a question or situate the topic and provide information, insights and/or ideas on an emerging trend, issue, or topic to engage participants in conversation
  • Explore how we might work differently to maximize student services and experiences while considering student pressures and issues
  • Create conversation or interactive space to discuss innovative ideas, practices, and possibilities for our work in student retention, degree completion and well-being
  • Provide relevant knowledge and “take-away” applications for participants
  • Identify which University Life Values your presentation would fall under

UL Symposium Submission Criteria:

  • Program description:
    • Provide a description of session to be shared in the UL Symposium schedule
    • Word Count Limit: 75 words
  • Learning outcomes
    • Select appropriate learning outcome
  • Outline of session
    • Provide detailed outline of the Participation and engagement opportunities with audience should be included
    • Identify action items/strategies for next steps in professional development and implementation in units

Pre-Symposium Workshops

Pre-Symposium Workshops are 2 to 3 hours in length, with built-in activity and priority on participant interaction. These experiences should be planned to be interactive and engaging. Participants should leave with action items from in-depth conversations on current topics and challenges facing our field.

Symposium Educational Sessions
Educational sessions are 60-minute interactive sessions with time dedicated for dialogue to consider application of knowledge and implications for our work addressing student success.

To submit a program proposal, please complete the online proposal form: