Planning Team

A special thank you to our amazing partners on campus and in the community.  We could not continue to do this work without your help and support!

2022 UL Student Success Symposium Planning Team
Amy Snyder University Life
Meeghan Milette Housing and Residence Life
Julio Diaz University Life
Lisa Snyder The LEAD Office
Phil McDaniel Student Involvement
Adrienne White Student Success Coaching
Matthew Myers University Career Services
Louise Higgins Student Success Coaching and Contemporary Student Services
Telli Morris University Life
Daylen Orlick New Student and Family Programs and Services
Krisztina Roder Student Centers
 Taylor Harris Student Success Coaching
 Samantha Cozzolino Student Success Coaching
Casey Machuga University Life Technology Services
Melissa Thierry University Life, Arlington
Ryan Morong Housing and Residence Life